If I could wish one thing for all of us this year, it would be that our faith would grow individually and collectively because you know faith in Christ is the lifeblood of our Christian experience. So how big is your faith today? You know, one of the things that we like to say to each other in tough times is, hey! Keep the faith, keep the faith. So I’m going to ask you this morning, are you keeping the faith. And I certainly hope so because our faith is important and it’s important to GOD. In fact did you know that the Word says that it’s impossible to please God without it? That’s why I want to share a few simple truths about Faith that we need to remind ourselves of. So that we don’t lose faith. And the first simple truth about faith is that faith is simple, faith isn’t complicated.

My favorite Bible story about faith, is the one about Jesus and the centurion. Now a centurion is a soldier. I heard someone say once that they thought of centurion was a person who was one hundred years old. No not this time, he’s a soldier. And he came to Jesus for help because his servant was paralyzed and was suffering. And when the Lord heard his story, the Lord said shall I come and heal him. And the soldier basically told Jesus that it wasn’t necessary for him to go. He said he knew that if Jesus would just say the word, his servant would be healed. And when the Lord heard this, the Word says he was amazed. The Lord said, “I tell you the truth, I haven’t found anyone in Israel with such great faith.” Now how many know that when the Lord says I tell you the truth, it’s the truth. And of course he went on and healed the servant from a remote location, just like he does for us now. But I love this story because of the soldier’s very simple and spiritual-like logic. I mean, he believed the Lord could do anything which meant it didn’t matter who he was when he did it. Faith wasn’t complicated to him and the Lord found his simple faith, the most impressive kind of faith.

The second truth about faith, is that we all have faith and we all have doubt. The Word says that we were all given a measure of faith. And we see examples in the Word where faith and doubt are at work at the same time. Remember when Jesus came walking out on the water, out to the boat where the disciples were. And Peter said, “Lord if it’s you tell me to come where you are.” And the Lord said, “Come on.” So in a leap of faith, Peter stepped out in the sea and started walking on water. And then suddenly the wind kicked up and he became afraid and he began to sink. And when you begin to sink, Jesus reached out and caught him. And said, “You have a little faith why did you doubt?” So we can see right there in the midst of the fine nature, faith and doubt. Both are revealed. You see we all have this capacity for faith and for doubt.

But listen, it’s your faith that connects you to the power of God. And you don’t even have to fully understand it. Or to know much about it to see it affected in your life. And the next truth about faith is that we all need faith, we all need it. Jesus said “When the Son of Man comes will he find . . . “ what? Will he find faith on earth? It sounds. I mean so obvious to say a Christian needs faith. But it’s us Christians who run and hide sometimes not because we’ve admitted we have doubt.

But because we weren’t strong enough to have faith when the opportunity was there for us to exercise it. We need faith in our lives. And we need it exercised in developed in our lives so that when we’re tested, it stands up and it reveals the living Spirit of God that’s inside of us. And that’s the last truth about faith that I want to remind you of today. We can all develop our faith, our faith can grow in the Lord. The word says, Faith comes from hearing the message and the message is heard through the word about Christ. God’s Word can’t help but to build our faith. And when we pray and when we praise him and when we give generously, we’re growing our faith when we do those things. We can’t let our guard down because like Peter the winds will come, our faith will be tested. But through His Word that we will have victory over doubt and over fear.

One of my favorite quotes about Faith is this one. Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death, feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death. If you’re struggling to have enough faith today, just remember the simple truth about faith. Faith is simple, we all need it. We all have it. And because of his word, we can all develop and grow our faith in GOD. The good news, you want to hear the good news? Is the Lord even told us what to expect when we do exercise our faith right. Before he raises Lazarus from the dead, He said this. “Didn’t I tell you that if you only believed, you would see the glory of GOD?” When you receive this word today about faith, I hope you do.

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I want to talk about being generous and what being generous means and why we need to be generous. So studying this phenomenon of generosity, I discovered that most people who we all consider to be very generous don’t even know why they are so generous. They just naturally tend to be that way. And since they have already embedded generosity as part of their lives, they don’t consider it all that important why they are good at it. But if they did think about it, I believe that they would acknowledge that having a generous spirit means they are always the beneficiary of their giving, they are the beneficiary of their giving. And as Christians, we are also called to be generous. The Word says, restore to me the joy of your salvation and uphold me by your generous spirit. So why is it important to be generous?

Well the first reason to be generous is because a generous spirit emulates a character trait of Jesus Christ. Christ gave His life for you and me. He allowed himself to go from the highest place to the lowest place in order to save our life. No one has ever been more generous to you then Jesus Christ, would you agree with me? That’s enough reason to be generous with what you are blessed to have. That’s enough right there but there’s more. Another reason to be generous is because generosity defeats all forms of materialism. Now the Word says that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. And it also says that you can’t serve both God and money. You see God knows that we will always struggle with the temptation of material things but by exercising generosity in our life, we overcome it. By placing the giving to others above our own desires, we defeat the temptation of life, of materialism. Now another good reason to be generous is because generosity strengthens our faith. It creates a bonding experience with the Lord. When we give up what we could have to give something good to someone else the Word says, your giving proves the reality of your faith. When we give generously we know we are tapping into principles and promises that God has for us. Principles that work into our daily lives.

And finally if we want to be generous because generous giving is an investment in today and in Eternity. The word gives us many references to how giving blesses us in our daily life. It says, give generously and do so without a grudging heart then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work in everything you put your hand to. And the Apostle Paul said, whoever sows generously will also reap generously. So generosity comes back to us in blessings of all forms. But what is even more exciting than that is how generosity has benefits that go beyond this life. Our generosity doesn’t determine how we get to heaven. Our acceptance of Christ who died for our sins does that. But the Lord said “Don’t store up treasures on earth where moth and rust, destroy and thieves break in and steal but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” The Lord wants us to develop a kingdom mentality and understand that our generous spirit is that investment in this life and in the next. Think about that.

Did you know that being generous doesn’t have much to do with how much you have or how much you give? Being generous is about how much you give of what you are blessed to have. How much you give of what you are blessed to have. Now, do you feel like the pressures of life have hindered your generous spirit? Do you say I wish I could be more generous but I can’t? If that’s you. You’re letting the enemy defeat you in this area of your life. I know the Lord will help you get your generous spirit breathing alive in your life today. You just need to take the step to reach out to others with your time and with your talent and with whatever resources that you have. And when you do, the generous spirit that inspired by God will change you. And it will grow you and God will bless you in ways you can’t even imagine. And if you do that, I promise something good will happen. In Jesus name, will you say Amen this morning?

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Did you hear? Yea, I’m going to do this. Did you hear about the two T.V. satellite dishes on the roof that fell in love and got married? Yeah. Yeah, the wedding was OK but the reception was magnificent. Its ok, you can use that this week it’s OK. OK. You know, not many people would argue that the Internet is one of the most important and powerful developments of our generation. And most of us interact with it daily and find it extremely useful. But we also have to acknowledge that the Internet is a tool for evil. And because of the access it gives to those who prey on greed and not sanity. But this week the Lord showed me how he can use the Internet to touch our lives when we most need it. There’s no other way to say this than, this past week was a tough one for me at work. My problems were growing, each day seemed to bring a new one that I couldn’t resolve. By Friday I was so discouraged that when I got to our place of business. I uncharacteristically sat in my car just dreading the idea of going in. Finally a few minutes later still battling my Friday blues and my first cup of coffee in hand, I sat down at my computer to answer emails and start the damage control. Then while sitting there, an email from Bethesda came through. Sharing a link to the convention service, Thursday night.

It was in Denver that so many of you were at. And with the click of a mouse, there was Pastor Day and the choir and the orchestra leading this huge crowd in that arena in worship. I saw my friends and my church family. Singing, praising the Lord just like they do here each Sunday. I saw Mike and Karen, Christie, I saw Julie and Randy and Blaine and Matt and Finelda and all of you and for the next fifteen or twenty minutes I just worshiped with them. Just like the thousands there and the perhaps hundreds of thousands that observed around the world. Some of my staff came to my office during this time, came to my office door. And they saw that I was fully absorbed in my computer and all the loud music and decided it was best to keep moving. But just like that, I was encouraged. My faith was strengthened and hope re-entered my situation.

It was like there is often said a but GOD moment for me. And I was reminded how many times GOD has such incredible timing. To reveal Himself to us when we need him most. This morning, I don’t know if you’ve ever had one of those weeks like I just had but there’s a good chance some of you have. You may be worried about finances. You may be struggling with a relationship or you just may be at a critical point of decision in your life. I don’t know. And I can tell you for sure that I don’t know the answer. But I can tell you that I know who does. And you don’t have to go online like I did this week, to get help. Because He’s here right now. He is ready to meet you and your situation and cause something good to happen. In Jesus name.

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